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English Rose Bridal's Seamstress Team, are a valued addition to the Store. 
Hand picked by the owner Jacqui, for their experience & workmanship. ERB can now offer its clients, along with external customers, an all encompassed service, from the initial search for that all perfect Dress, right through to Pick Up day!

How do wedding dress alterations work?

Well firstly we have to say that these appointments have a different feel to them, than the ones you may have experienced in store already. Due to the nature of the appointment, you will find they are more structured and we actually recommend only fetching 1 or 2 guests maximum with you, to prevent distractions from the task at hand :-)  

Why are they so structured?   

  • Well, this is the time we get to make your dream dress, perfect for you!   

Wedding dress alterations usually take two to three fittings, with Bridesmaid & Formal wear being only 2.

  • The first fitting: this is usually the longest appointment and you will be asked to wear the shoes and undergarments being worn on your special day. One hour is allocated and in that time you will be offered water and introduced to your seamstress.  She will then assess your gown, on you and have a chat about how it feels to wear and what ideas you may have in relation to any customisation etc.  Then all the pinning will commence to prepare the gown for adjustment..

  • At the second fitting: The dress will have been altered according to the adjustments made in the first fitting, but depending on the number of fittings advised in your 1st appointment, the gown may not be completely finished, so that if there are still tweaks required, it will be easier to do.    In the second fitting, we confirm you are happy with the changes so far and can decide on any additional work required or sign it off if all is ok.

  • At the third fitting: You will briefly retry the gown to ensure the fit is perfect. Walking and checking length etc.

  • Pick Up Day:  In preparation for this we will steam iron the gown, so it is all ready to wear.!


How much time does it take to get my wedding dress altered?

  • We recommend bridal alterations to commence 6-8 weeks before the wear date, with your final fitting being about 7-10 days prior, pending availability and circumstance. If you are not planning to lose (or gain) weight, I recommend booking your first fitting at about 4-5 weeks before your wedding, to prevent further work and cost to yourself.  However, please speak to the store in relation to this to ensure enough time is available in the sewing schedule and book early for shorter lead times.

Costings & Estimates

  • We will chat about our suggested alterations, the estimate cost and the expected completion date at the first fitting. Costs vary depending on the complexity of each alteration, but we will try to offer resolutions within budget if pre-advised of one.  You are under no obligation to use our services, but we do try to advise our clients at the time of sell a recommended healthy budget of $400 - $800 for alterations (depending on the gown and works required)

What else should I bring to my gown fitting(s)?

  • Other than shoes and undergarments already mentioned above.  If we have in store or you bring along any bridal accessories it is a good time to get an idea of how everything will look together in the 2nd or 3rd Fitting! Bringing along a trusted friend or family member is also a good idea, in case you need to make an on-the-spot decision and require a second opinion, but as mentioned limited numbers of guests where possible. 


What size is too big to alter for a wedding dress?

  • Most stores that sell bridal gowns will have the dresses be a little larger than it should be. This is because altering a larger dress into a smaller one is much easier (possible) than making a smaller dress bigger (limited options). Most shops will take your largest measurement and base your dress on that to make sure that the dress can be altered if it does not fit properly.

  • Dresses for the best results and value, I suggest re-sizing only 1-2 sizes down., however, they can be done more but this will include the need to reshape and there this will always be at a greater cost.

Is it possible to size up my wedding dress?

  • How much a bridal gown can be let out will depend on how much seam is available. It may also be possible to change the zip back to a lace-up back to gain a bit more room. But overall, it is a lot more work to up-size than down-size.

What makes a wedding gown so special?

  • It is the unique craftsmanship that goes into each gown and the perfect fit on the Bride. No other dress you will ever wear will come close to this incredible feel.  A wedding dress often has several layers, intricate beading, lace accents or complicated hems and trimmings that make alterations fun! Wedding gown alterations specialists have to take all of these factors into consideration when making changes so that the dress fits you perfectly come your wedding day.

Why do nearly all wedding dresses need some kind of alteration?

  • Most bridal stores sell to the nearest standard size based on the largest measurement across the essential ones. This is because altering a larger dress into a smaller one is much easier as compared to making a dress bigger from a smaller dress. Even some of the best designed gowns may still need some adjustments.  The only way to avoid alterations is to custom make a couture gown, where you are present for all stages of the production, but this is a service we do not offer at present., as it is a more costly process for our client than the service we provide.

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